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IDR 660,000


What is Susenji Drink Orange Mofa? - Susenji Drink Orange Mofa is an all natural, no side effects, orange-flavoured and essential healthy diet supplement drink for the modern day person. It combines various types of natural fruit fiber and prebiotics, which include fresh orange powder, psyllium husk, apple fiber, prebiotics (fructooligosaccharides, FOS) and comprehensive digestive enzymes. 10 Main Effects: (1) Removes waste to avoid toxic retention (2) Slim waist and flatten belly effectively, build an ideal body shape (3) Able to absorb excess body fluid of oedema (4) Strengthen immunity to speed up recovery of sickness (5) Inhibits fat absorption and increase satiety to help shed pounds (6) Promotes metabolism to maintain a healthy weight (7) Keep intestines healthy, improve bowel movement and prevents stubborn stools to avoid auto intoxication (8) Cleanses colon and keep perfect skin (9) Improves memory and awareness, postpone brain aging (10) Balances body pH level, prevents illness and diseases