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Don't Be Scared of A Little Shimmer!

06 May 2019

Anything that sparkles or glitters is usually intimidating. Whether it’s a dress, a pair of shoes or makeup products. Why is it intimidating? It makes you stand out from the crowd of neutrals, monochromes and pastels that we’re used to when choosing the items we use everyday. However, wearing a little shimmer is not always frightening, especially with makeup. So what’s the right way to go about it? Scroll down and find out.


Choose Your Products Wisely


What do we mean by this? With makeup products, (especially when you buy online) how it is described and the actual product may not be accurate. You truly need to test it out, swatch it on your skin and apply it on the areas you wish to pop out prior to purchasing. This doesn’t mean that we’re limiting your options to only purchase shimmery products - everybody has preferences and some may like that glittery goodness applied on certain parts of their facial features. But if it’s for that everyday pop of glow, subtlety and less is definitely more.


Minimalistic is Key


Bobbi Brown herself stated that you need to be a minimalist with applying shimmers. Choose an area that you’d like to highlight (literally) and complete the rest of your makeup neutrally. If you want your peers to be blinded by the high points of your cheeks, apply a generous but well-blended amount of highlight onto your cheeks. They say the eyes are the windows to your soul; instead of a neutral warm-coloured matte eyeshadow, you may want to make your windows sparkle once in a while with a liquid shadow that adds that perfect glow.


Application is Vital


With different types of makeup products, comes an enormous amount of brushes you need to have. No, that doesn’t sound right - we meant different types of application. Why? Who knows. Perhaps it’s a marketing scheme (gasps in horror) or they truly did put thought into why a certain brush (or your finger!) just pairs together perfectly with a certain product. Creme and/or liquid products tends to pair especially well with your fingers for a natural looking finish. If you feel it needs to be more precise, you can certainly double in with a brush of your choice.


So what we’re trying to say at the end of the day, is that shimmery products isn’t always intimidating. The thing to keep in mind is that less is always more; allocate and accentuate the areas you’d like to highlight. Unless of course you’d like to be the disco ball of the party ;) What other fears or paranoias do you have with shimmers or glittery products?