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Choosing Your Starlet

28 May 2019

Now that you’ve had a viewing of our Starlets, are you confused as to which one to try out first? The colours that we’ve developed were specifically chosen to be adaptable in any situation that you’re going to face. Whether it’s for your day-to-day look, or an impromptu date night you weren’t prepared for. Let’s take a look into these colours.




She’s our underdog, not so much that she fades into the background but more so that she goes well with everything. It will suit those ranging from fair to dark skin tones, as it’s a champagne gold colour with warm undertones. To those with fair skin, it will give dimension to the colour of the skin, adding a wet, shimmery look. For those with a darker, richer skin tone, it will become a wash of gold on your eyelids.


Mary Kate


Our vibrant star, she may look demure but she will add a punch of colour to your look. At first glance, she doesn’t seem like much. But a combination of our formula and perfect touch of shimmer will bring your eyes to life. Depending on how bold you want to be, you can put just a touch to add a peachy touch for your eyes, or build it up until it gives the attention you want for your eyes.




Dark and sultry, don’t be intimidated by the colour of this Starlet. As mentioned before, our formula is buildable, therefore you can apply a tint of colour to give dimension or build it up for a smokey look. Our perfect pick of you have those last minute date nights, as a touch of her will give you the smokey, sexy eyes for your overall look. The brazen colour can be played up on a fairer skin tone, however it’s also suitable for an everyday colour for those with a darker skin tone. A win-win situation, depending on which look you’re looking for.


Did we help you figure out which colours would be suitable for you? Or did we confuse you even more? Perhaps it’s best to try out all 3, so you won’t miss out any experience from all these girls.