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How do I take BeautyBurn PM? 
For optimal reduction in hunger and control over sugar cravings, take two capsules 30 minutes after your last meal with an eight-ounce glass of water. Cycle the use of this product for optimal results. This will allow your fat-burning receptors to work optimally and support a healthy and proper functioning of the body's natural feedback mechanisms. Take this fat-loss formula for five days on, followed by two days off for a maximum of eight weeks. Follow this cycle with a two-week break before beginning another 8-week cycle only if necessary. This formula works so well; you're not going to need another cycle!


The precise formula in BeautyBurn® PM was designed for hardworking women who want to help maximize their results at night. You’ve put in the tireless work in the gym, ate all of your healthy meals for the day, and then the terrible night time hunger pangs start to set in when you least expect them. What do you do? Normally, many would reach for the most savoring sweets they can find and devour them, leaving you with empty wrappers, crumbs everywhere, and wondering what just happened. Then guilt sets in. Don’t get frustrated! This is where BeautyBurn® PM shines.

Smash those hunger pangs before they even start! They say the best way to avoid conflict is to stop it before it even begins. Stop fighting with your body… TAKE CONTROL. The specific list of ingredients found in BeautyBurn® PM help shut down those late-night cravings, allowing you to keep your metabolism revving throughout the night – even while you sleep! Ultimately, eliminating the want and need to cheat on your diet at night when you are the most vulnerable.

Speaking of sleep… There’s nothing worse than going to bed hungry. You toss and turn all night or even get woken up from a deep sleep due to your stomach growling for substance. Your body needs seven-to-nine hours of sleep each night. Any interruption of your sleep cycle can completely throw off your next day as well as slowing you’re your path to reaching your health and fitness goals. One serving of BeautyBurn® PM will provide you with a unique blend of herbs to shut off the hormones that signal hunger and help you feel satiated all night long – allowing your body the rest it needs.

Being that the formula in BeautyBurn® PM is stimulant-free, you can be certain it won’t keep you up all night, even though behind the scenes it’s stimulating your thyroid and turning your body into a calorie burning furnace. This is accomplished by increasing metabolism and targeting stubborn adipose tissue, especially around your abdominal region.

Don’t sleep on it (or lose sleep thinking about it)! Pick up a bottle of BeautyBurn® PM and help reach your goals by improving your sleep and minimizing sugar cravings and hunger!